One of the first personal projects I worked on (bookfetch) was a massively beneficial for me. What I was trying to do was so far beyond my skill level that I learned an enormous amount about programming and web development. I used these skills and experiences to land my first few jobs in web development with no formal background in software.

Since then I’ve constantly had some other personal project on the go, mostly in search of a passive income. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on these projects, but I have little to show for that time. The projects I’ve started haven’t been challenging enough for me to learn from, but were too ambitious to easily succeed.

Going forward, I’d like to spend time working on small blog-post-sized exercises. It’s much easier to find something this size that I find interesting and that I can learn from, while avoiding spending time managing servers and writing boilerplate.

This is a collection of all those sunsetted projects.